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About Us

Our Story


Our Production

Our sandals are all handcrafted without the use of foreign labor or child, but by experts in the best tradition of craftsmanship.



Our Promise


We craft our sandals only with farm raised calf leather and sheep skin


We produce only considered and trendy designs


We use only Asian feet foot last for that perfect fit and comfort


Absolutely no pigskin materials are used.

In the brand's effort to be sustainable, we have taken the following measures:

Projet1826 aims to support the local farm and educate them how to reduce waste. Unlike most brands that are simply making strides to improve their eco-friendliness, sustainability is at the very core of Projet1826.

Projet1826 sandals are made from unused remains from the milky liquid dripping from the cans used to collect it. These leftovers latex are as good and being purchased directly from rubber tappers in the outskirts of Ipoh, Perak. It's a win-win situation for the rubber tappers and Projet1826; the former get additional income and the latter can create a fine footwear using sustainable, local latex.

The calf leather and sheep skins are from commercially farm raised cow and lamb for meat and milk; no pigskins are used.

The light-weight rubber outsoles are made in-part with recycled plastic and rubber, resulting a flexible and able to survive humidity; making it less prone to mold.

Finally, shoe box material is made from 70% recycle paper.

We have invested heavily to ensure ultimate comfort for the customer by using only Asian feet foot last to wrap the shoe's upper. The brand has developed designs that cater to customers of various feet types such as wide feet, wide toes, heavy-heeled and skinny feet. All sandals designs are fitted on live models to test for comfort prior to design approval and production.